Pacific Northwest Runs on Propane

More Pacific fleet owners turn to propane for its fast ROI and for it’s positive impact on the environment (EPA Clean Air Act).

Propane costs significantly less in fuel, fluids and filters. Propane engines last longer due to its minimal carbon buildup and therefore no expensive exhaust systems are needed. Plus, propane engines perform equal to traditional gasoline and diesel engines.

The Pacific Propane Industry is offering $1,500 rebates for the purchase of a new propane vehicle or propane conversion.

Propane is a well-established fuel and is domestically produced. Using propane as a vehicle fuel increases energy security, can provide the convenience of on-site fueling economically, and reduces air pollution and the environmental impacts of vehicles.”

Pacific Propane Gas Association Offers Autogas Incentives in Hawaii, Oregon and Washington

The Pacific Propane Gas Association (PPGA) is offering propane customers who reside in AK, HI, OR and WA $1,500 incentive for a newly purchased propane vehicle or propane conversion of an existing vehicle. The Incentive is also open to propane companies and their employee. $5,000 is available for propane powered bobtails. 

Other federal incentives are available to those in Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

Vehicle qualifications include:

  • Any vehicle or retrofit system [U.S. EPA and/or California. Air Resources Board (CARB) approved).
  • Vehicle registered and operated in AK, WA, OR or HI.
  • All propane-powered bobtails are eligible for $5,000 incentive payment.

Funding qualifications include:

  • Vehicles must be purchased in 2024.
  • All retrofit work must be completed within 2024, as the program closes Dec. 31, 2024.
  • Before receiving an PPGA Autogas rebate, all federal and state incentives must be applied, and funds may be used for incremental cost of propane vehicle vs. gasoline or diesel vehicle only.
  • A completed initial survey and final survey required for each vehicle.
  • Submit anecdotal performance review electronically within a year from time of receiving rebate.
  • 50% of funds will be paid after initial survey completed, 50% of funds paid after final survey completed.
  • Data collected used to help propane industry and vehicle manufacturer with data to evaluate performance on propane vs. gasoline, make improvements and evaluate propane as an alternative motor fuel.
  • Vehicle Information.
  • Applicant information.
  • Propane Marketer information.
  • Attach invoice for new propane vehicle or propane retrofit system.

Return completed application in one-of-three ways:

  • Email to:
  • Mail to: Pacific Propane Gas Association
    629 W. Hillsdale St.

    Lansing, MI  48933

Questions? Contact the Rebate Team: (425) 250-9029

Clean School Bus Program Rebates

Deadline: 4 pm ET on February 14th, 2024

Includes propane school buses or buses in service for transportation of students. EPA anticipates awarding approximately $400 million in competitive grant funding under the Clean School Bus (CSB) Grants Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO).
Clean School Bus Program

National - Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) Grant

Opened: Tuesday, May 7th, 2024
Deadline: Friday, December 6th, 2024 at 11:59 PM ET

Includes propane vehicles. Eligible diesel vehicles, engines and equipment include: School buses, Class 5 – Class 8 heavy-duty highway vehicles, Locomotive engines, Marine engines, Non-road engines, equipment or vehicles used in construction, handling of cargo (including at ports or airports), agriculture, mining or energy production (including stationary generators and pumps).

DERA Helpline

Washington Propane Autogas Fueling Stations

Oregon Propane Autogas Fueling Stations


Class 4 & Under

Passenger Vehicles:

  • Police & EMT Vehicles
  • Pickup Trucks
  • Passenger Vans & Buses

Light-Duty Fleet Vehicles:

  • Box Trucks
  • Delivery Vans

Class 5

  • Ford’s F-550, Chevy, Etc.
  • Walk-ins and delivery trucks
  • Bucket trucks or cherry pickers

Class 6

  • Single-axle
  • Beverage trucks
  • Rack trucks
  • School buses

Class 7

  • Street sweepers
  • Garbage trucks
  • City transit buses
  • Furniture trucks and
    smaller semis

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