PIRTEK Vans Run ‘Green’

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In 2016, PIRTEK Kent and PIRTEK Seattle took steps to reduce their carbon footprint by converting their entire fleet to run on propane. Propane fueled-vehicles, known as Autogas, cut significantly more NOx and greenhouse gas emissions compared with diesel and gasoline.

“Propane is considered a much cleaner fuel than gasoline,
with less carbon per unit of energy, so, when you burn it, you throw out less carbon.”

– Gregory Shielder, President

According to Gregory Shielder, President of PIRTEK Kent, “We were looking for an opportunity to both reduce my CO2 footprint and save money. Propane fuel has nearly zero emissions and is cheaper.”

He started with six vehicles and is adding to the fleet due to the significant cost savings.

“We’re saving at least $10,000 in fuel costs over the lifetime of each van. The fuel savings is more than $1.60/gallon.”

PIRTEK took advantage of several incentives and rebates from the government as well as the National Propane Association. 

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