SeaTac’s Cleaner & Greener Propane Energy Source


SeaTac continues its transition towards a cleaner and greener energy source as their emission goals have begun to materialize.

The city of SeaTac is in the midst of its transition towards a cleaner, greener, and more cost efficient infrastructure – an infrastructure of propane and other clean energy sources. As part of their goal to responsibly meet the growing demand for utilities, many organizations have turned towards propane to answer that need.

MVP SeaTac Airport Parking

MVP SeaTac impressively supports its entire shuttle fleet on the eco-model laid forth by the city. Riders are able to get to and from the lot reliably, and enjoy the benefits of propane by knowing that they are supporting an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline without any sacrifice. MVP SeaTac has taken their integration of propane to the next level by installing an onsite refueling station, which promotes rapid refueling and minimizes downtime for refueling, outright eliminating the need for traveling to a nearby gas station to refuel and further minimize costs. The result has been an eco-friendly model that has seen decreasing operational costs.

Dollar Rent a Car

Dollar Rent a Car is busy at work carrying out the vision of parent-company Hertz, which is looking to make their positive environmental impact through their Green Traveler Collection – a special class of hybrid and alternative vehicles available in select locations that offer consumers an environmentally friendly way to rent and save money at the same time.

Shuttle Express SeaTac

Shuttle Express SeaTac has been innovating by increasing the service of their 72 propane-powered luxury vans within their fleet. This allows customers the perks of eco-friendly and environmentally responsible travel while they ride in luxury vehicles. The emission savings from their propane fleet is the equivalent of 1,525 metric tons annually – not to mention the reduced cost of propane and decreased operational expenditure compared to gasoline counterparts.

As the SeaTac emission goals have begun to materialize, propane has become viable for a greater number of organizations seeking to lower their costs and make positive contributions towards the emission goals. More businesses will continue to innovate new propane functions and increase its usage as the infrastructure continues to develop.

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